Celebrating an Independent Education

Characteristics of a Saint Andrew's education

by Lisa Robinson

As the Director of Marketing and Communications, I'm often asked, "What sets Saint Andrew's apart?" "What makes it different from other private schools?"  

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The Value of Choice in Elementary and Middle School

by Erik Carlson

It may feel like much about school life is pretty automatic.  Your child attends the local school in the district and shares a class with anybody of similar age from the neighborhood.  They generally learn the same topics at about the same pace as most other schools who follow the mandates of the Common Core.  At the end of the year, they take a standardized test to make sure that the school is still performing according to expectations and they get promoted to the next grade level if they pass the class.  What  can be missing in this automaticity are relationships and intentionality, both of which can be difference-makers in the growth of young children and early adolescents.When parents decide to exercise their choice and enter a

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