Celebrating an Independent Education

Characteristics of a Saint Andrew's education

As the Director of Marketing and Communications, I'm often asked, "What sets Saint Andrew's apart?" "What makes it different from other private schools?"  

MissionA.pngI've struggled to have an 'elevator pitch' because what I've witnessed in my nine years simply cannot be summed up in just a few sentences.  The visible pride on the face of our students as they present a research topic, spell a word correctly in the spelling bee or take part in a class play is astonishing.  The wonder in their eyes as a Dragon dances across the gym for Lunar New Year, as they unearth bugs in the outdoor classroom, or when their clay piece comes out of the kiln shiney with swirls of color is best appreciated in person.  The care I've seen between students, between teachers and students, and amongst the faculty makes me proud to be part of this school.  

Saint Andrew's Episcopal School is so much more than teaching our students multiplication or Spanish or how to read music or proper grammar. While seemingly cliche or educational jargon, I can think of no better description of what a student experiences at Saint Andrew's than to say a truly "Whole Child Education." It is quite literally our mission, and it always has been.

Misc. Photos from Tom Vo - 2571321.jpgOur teachers know their students.  They know their strengths and areas for growth.  They know their interests in school and out of school.  Students receive care not just for their academic learning, but also for who they are becoming as a person.

A Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School education is distinguished by its commitment to:

  •  Academic Excellence. For more than 55 years Saint Andrew’s has been preparing students for the rigors of high school and beyond. We are proud of our accreditation by the California Association of Independent Schools. Academic Excellence means far more than just memorizing facts and figures or scoring well on a test. We encourage children to think for themselves. Our inquiry-centered and integrated academic program provides the framework for making connections, examining multiple perspectives, challenging assumptions and learning how to reason. Our curriculum recognizes that experiences in the arts, physical well-being, and technological innovation are mandatory in preparing students for the future.

  •  Service Learning - 2695859.jpgService. At Saint Andrew’s, students learn that they are part of a larger society that relies on their individual contributions for its betterment. The commitment required to meet such a challenge instills in children a sense of meaning and purpose to their lives and actions. Children contribute to our school and the community in numerous ways. All students have an opportunity to explore their own talents and use those developing talents to help others.

  • Character Development. We strongly encourage individual responsibility and personal growth.  We help children learn how to work through conflicts in ways that promote greater understanding and leave each person’s dignity intact.  As they grow at Saint Andrew’s children are expected to demonstrate increasing levels of independence, self-awareness and responsibility. We help children respect themselves and others in the world.
  • Inclusivity. We are committed to teaching students -- and our entire school community -- how to live and learn among people of diverse age, gender, ability, sexual orientation, race, religion, and socio-economic status. We actively seek faculty, staff and families of all faiths and backgrounds.  Multiple perspectives, multicultural themes, and issues of equity and justice are incorporated into the curriculum.  We aspire to make all students and families feel welcome and included in the life of the school.

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